[aprssig] Northbound I-85 through Spartenburg, SC?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 8 12:40:50 EST 2012

If anyone ever passes through  Spartenburg, SC northeast bound on I-85 let
me know.

I left an EV Charging Station at an EV conference in Greenville back in
March, and it is slowly but surely being handed off APRS ham to APRS ham
to slowly bring it north when people just happen to be traveling this way.

To help keep track of where it is, and who might be nearby to hand it off,
just check  your http://aprs.fi map and enter the callsign of "EV-sign"
and the map will come up centered on the sign.  Then select SHOW ALL and
you will see the real time position of all surrounding  APRS hams.  Think
of this as a turtle relay race with the sign being the baton.

We have plenty of time.  Its now sitting at N9LPT's house awaiting the
next passerby going Northeast.  He is  just  a few blocks off of Exit 75
on I-85 northbound.

Too bad it does not have an active TRACKER on it.. ;-)


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