[aprssig] Balloon GPS >60,000 feet

joe jesson jjesson at voyager.net
Thu Jul 19 12:09:58 EDT 2012

  I have designed a tiny working uBlox AMY GPS module on a PCB with an integrated ARM9 + 3D accelerometer + GSM radio + LiPO power supply which, if you know C, you can route the NMEA data or converted lat/long/altitude/speed anywhere.  The boards are open source and open hw and have been in the commercial OEM M2M/Telemetry/Telematics space for a year.   

Let me know if interested as I can loan-out or group sell to fellow APRS clubs  these OEM Commercial boards for balloon 60,000 ft. testing, etc.  Specs and development tools are at www.xacttechnology.com 

Joe Jesson KC2VGL

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