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>I enjoyed your article in August QST. Quick questions:

Any inverter over 100 watts cannot use the cigarette lighter because it takes 10 amps.  A 1000W inverter takes 100 amps and needs big thick short cables to the battery.

The value of solar is not just saving nearly HALF on your electric bills but simply avoiding the continued burning of fossil fuels which is no good for us or our kids or our grandkids.

It is not all about what is the cheapest "for me" it is what is the best and the right thing to do for us all...

Same goes for Electric Cars.  We pay a little more, but then it is not the bottom line dollar I care about.  It is reducing the $2,000,000,000 every day we spend on oil so that shieks can build castles in the sand.  One third of the 400 gas cars on the market all cost MORE than an EV, and yet they do NOTHING to reduce our addiction to world-destabilizing oil.

Something like that...


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>I enjoyed your article in this months QST. Quick questions:
>1. Car power inverters - do they need to be hard wired or can you use the cigarette lighter. I have a gas vehicle, not a hybrid. 
>2. My neighbor just installed solar cells on the roof. They don't own them, it's a "20 year rental". There is no collector excess just goes back on the grid. The cells generate more than consumed and the lease rate is fixed and less than they pay Pepco. Seems like it works mathematically but a lot of trouble for a few dollars. Plus - I am not a roofer, but that's a lot of weight on the roof? Thoughts?
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