[aprssig] Another Junk ISS Object on the APRS-IS

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 14:56:53 EDT 2012

So, I think your question is - if the other stations (not ISS) are 
stations that are hearing the ISS, how come they are doing so outside of 
the ISS footprint? Yeah, good question.

As the ISS passed over Hawaii a short time ago, I saw a number of 
stations pop up in that vicinity. After it passed, I was still seeing 


Greg KO6TH

Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> However, they have NOT been appearing when I filter for o/ISS* on port 
> 14580 (to get KJ4ERJ's space station obiect with coverage circle) 
> until recently. KJ4ERJ's object is truly global; it doesn't announce 
> any local AOS or LOS --- it just shows the station's current location 
> and RF coverage footprint Look at my ISS igate/map page at:
> . <http://wa8lmf.dyndns.org:14439/mapISS.htm>
> to see what is happening. I am getting two stations thousands of miles 
> apart. 

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