[aprssig] filtering wx icons on aprs.fi

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Jul 2 13:30:18 EDT 2012

On 7/2/2012 12:01 PM, MJ Inabnit wrote:
> It used to be easy to turn on/off the wx icons, anbut now there is a new 
> filter tool and I have stumbled around with it trying to get it to remove the 
> clutter (to see the CO fires) but the filter never seems to work.  I found 
> the aprs wiki, but it doesn't discuss the new filter tools.  So what am I 
> missing?  How do I activate the filters?
> Thanks, 73

Full details on the user-defined port 14580 filter expressions here:

.    <http://wa8lmf.net\aprs/JAVaprsFilters.htm>

If you are currently using a filtered feed that is otherwise satisfactory, just 
add the symbol filter


[that's upper-case letter 'O", not number "zero"]   to the end of your current 
filter expression  to remove the blue circle WX icons from your feed.       
(The minus sign causes the server to REMOVE whatever follows from your stream, 
rather than add it.)



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