[aprssig] 14 day APRS posit archive download?

Heikki Hannikainen hessu at hes.iki.fi
Mon Jul 2 02:11:35 EDT 2012

aprs.fi currently holds about 2 years of track history.

Here's a 1-minute instructional demo for doing history lookups on aprs.fi. 
First, the active day browsing tool is used to pick days with activity 
within a selected year and month. Then, the calendar tool is used to 
select a longer time/date range (max 14 days):


The "Data export tool" can give you a KML/KMZ, CSV/Excel or XML file with 
the parsed positions, so that you can archive and visualize them yourself. 
I don't know if UI-View can read them, but the KML/KMZ opens up nicely in 
Google Earth.

As you noticed, you need to log in (and create an user account if you 
haven't done so before) to use the export tool.

  - Hessu, of aprs.fi

On Sun, 1 Jul 2012, Steve Noskowicz wrote:

> It also has/had? the ability to pick a date/time range up to (I think) a year in the past.  When you enter a call sign, you will see on the right, rear tabs. They are below your call and above the "Other SSID" and "Other Views" areas.
> I thought he was going to that feature for memory considerations.
> I was able to grab the entire track of that trans Alantic balloon that made it east of Spain last December.  Several years ago, I also grabbed a  vacation trip around Crater Lake several weeks after returing.
> There is also the "Data export tool" on the right that goes back 6 months.
> The long term U.S. tracking on FindU has been OOS for some time - says 
> it can't find the map/cgi or something like that.
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> --- On Sun, 7/1/12, Dave B <dave at g8kbv.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> ...
>> So, is there anyway known to man, cat, beast or
>> ???   To recover my
>> entire track from June the 16th to June the 30th? 
>> I can see the last 7 days on aprs.fi, but the download link
>> goes to a
>> google login.   All I'd like is a blob of
>> data I can import into UiView
>> (or similar.) 
>> Or is it all lost for good now? :-(
>> Cheers All.
>> Dave G0WBX-7 (G8KBV)  Navigator/co-driver Team 33.

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