[aprssig] RFM22B UHF Transceiver Module

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 14:28:47 EST 2012

> Ah, but wouldn't it also be nice to have the modules compatible with the thousands of already-deployed 9600 TNC's built into every Kenwood D710?

... and the D700, D72 and D7..  And Yeasu FT-350 M...

Yes - it would be nice to be compatible.

The issue is to find something that's cheap enough, easy enough and
enough value added to make it worth while.   We've been using 9600
APRS here for years and years.  Even with multiple elaborate networks
here there are only a tiny percentage of the users with the rigs ready
to go that have bothered to try it.   The 1200 works and they show up
on the web so that's it...

We need to go much faster than 9600 for cheaper than the 9XTend
modules or it's not going to pick up a significant user base.

It's like the Raspberry PI little PC.   There's nothing really special
about the PI but it's cheaper and easy so many folks are checking it
out.   We need an equivalent DATA-RADIO to the PI to get some

> Of course, nothing stops us from having two different firmware build for compatible vs. advanced modulation schemes.

It just software....



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