[aprssig] After market D7 batteries

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Dec 10 18:55:48 EST 2012

On 12/10/2012 6:18 PM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Experience with after market D7 batteries?
> We bought ten 800 mAH NiMh batteries for all of our D7's here at the office.
> None will charge in the D7 drop-in charger without going to BLINK mode
> after a charge..
> Are they charged?  Or is this ano-charge error condition?
> Maybe it just doesnt like the 800 mAH capacity since it expects 600 mAH?
> THey do seem to work after a charge, but not sure how long.  Before I
> did extensive testing, just thought I woiuld ask of others experience
> with the drop-in charger and off-brand batteries.
> Bob, WB4aPR
> Also they are nearly impossible to attach to a D7.  The plastic
> housing is not well matched to the intricate holding system on the
> back of the D7.

Get the Batteries America back for AA cells instead. The pack holds 6 AA MNiH 
rechargeables.  Or if you need extended runtime in the field without an 
opportunity to recharge, yoiu can put 6 standard AA non-rechargeable alkaline 
or lithium cells.     Then get a couple of cards of 1800 mAH Sanyo Eneloop 
rechargeble MNiH AA's at Costco.     Or get the 2700 mAH Sanyos at Batteries 

The pack is slightly larger front to back than the original and the color 
doesn't quite match (it's black instead of the Kenwood dark silver-grey), but 
you get almost three times the run time of the OEM pack at 1/3rd the cost.

The one disadvantage is that you have to remove the batteries from the pack to 
charge them (i.e. no drop-in charging).  Or perhaps it's an advantage since you 
can't accidentally charge primary cells if you happen to have them in the pack 


Scroll about halfway down the home page for the compact V-6280//8-cell AA/AAA 
cell charger that will run directly on 12 VDC in the field. It's especially 
nice because it analyzes and charges each cell individually instead in pairs 
like most do.    Then jump to the ham radio page at:


and look for the BT-11h case for the TH-D7.



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