[aprssig] APRS client for Macbook Air?

Dave B dave at g8kbv.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 9 15:49:10 EST 2012


Asking on behalf of a friend (licenced) who's looking to try APRS from 
his Macbook Air, and perhaops with a D72, or the new Yaesu handie.

Any recommendations on client software, and companion handheld rigs these 
days?  Plus any pitfall's re using it all on/with a Macbook Air?

Something's at the back of my mind re the Yaesu rig (VX7?) but I cant 
remember what it was, but was to do with it's ability to be used with an 
external client running on a PC of sorts.

Asking here, as though I know something about APRS in general, I know 
nothing about Mac's and what software is avaialble for them, good, bad, 


Dave TR/G0WBX.

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