[aprssig] How many Hams does it take to watch a balloon event?

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Fri Dec 7 16:57:55 EST 2012

OK, Here's my "me too". Please feel free to hit
"delete" now.

Not to anyone in particular, just my
I don't have time to follow every web site and ferret out all
the info. I would not have even known about the launch without the
postings here. I for one found my self running to the computer upon
returning from work, to find out where it was and wondering what's next. I
used some of that "noise" to show my Boy Scout Radio Merit Badge
candidates some of the cool stuff that goes on in Ham Radio. That balloon
went right over here, although too early in the day to track it on RF
while at the Scout meeting. 

Some time ago, someone put up a
balloon (in Kansas, I think) with a cross band repeater on board. They put
the 2M side on 146.52. Before it even hit the ground people were
complaining about the audacity of putting it on the national calling freq.
I listen there when ever I'm on the road. I worked that crossbander from a
car in southern Mich. What a cool use of an otherwise under-used freq. I
was geeked for days. (OK, I'll admit it, I'm easily amused)

same thing happened here. It's short term and REAL interesting. I would
argue that it indeed forwarded Ham radio. At least for a few Boy Scouts
and one old bald headed fart.

If you haven't hit
"delete" yet, 73 (and even if you have)


o approaching unity.  Most of them boiled
down to "me too!".
> <start of personal
> If I wanted that much noise, I would have
watched the Twitter feed. 
> That's what that service is designed
for.  I don't.  There is absolutely
> no reason that a
non-Emergency event needs to generate so many worthless
> emails. 
And if it is an Emergency event, the S/N ratio would have
obscured any true information.
> Please, please, please
take a moment before hitting REPLY on any email to
> the group and
ask yourself a key question - "Does this email advance Ham
Radio (any of its aspects) or is it just an attempt to make sure the
> knows I'm here?"
> <end of
> Dave

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