[aprssig] CNSP-18 Another Trans-Atlantic flight!! (Revised!))

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 5 13:04:28 EST 2012

I just updated my predicted touchdown based on the landing terrain
elevation.  You can see the estimated object as "Revised?".  I used google
earth to chart the elevations across the estimated final 4 minutes as
shown here:


The idea is that the elevation was rising rapidly here, and so it would
have hit the mountain earlier.


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From: Robert Bruninga [mailto:bruninga at usna.edu]

> I made a graphic to predict the exact touchdown spot
> 3423.19N/0356.95W assuming about 500' above sea level.
> See http://aprs.org/K6RPT12-touchdown.JPG
> Bob, WB4APR

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From: Mark Cheavens

> The last few reports show that it was descending.
> Last report at 9:22z was at 12,915 ft.
> (Previous two: 19,159 and 25,570)
> Very much an inhabited area (farm/ranch land)
> Mark

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