[aprssig] K6RPT-12 Balloon Small circle on APRS.fi

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 3 02:14:17 EST 2012

Thank You, 

I also see the dead reconing bar moving for the balloon...nice.  

If I read the current Jet streams correctly, the balloon will probably move northerly toward Lake Michigan and possibly travel over the mid to northern state of Illinois where I live.

73, Steve, K9DCI  USN (Vet)  MOT (Ret)  Ham (Yet)

--- On Mon, 12/3/12, Heikki Hannikainen <hessu at hes.iki.fi> wrote:

> From: Heikki Hannikainen <hessu at hes.iki.fi>
> The smaller circle marks the area where the flying thing is over 5 degrees 
> of elevation. It's what the very active mostly UK-based balloon group on 
> #highaltitude (irc.freenode.net) are using on their
> excellent balloon tracking and landing predictor site:
> http://track.spacenear.us/
> http://blog.aprs.fi/2012/03/dead-reckoning-and-horizont-circles.html

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