[aprssig] Need some help with 30m igate

Matthew Willis mattwillis at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 19:20:07 EDT 2012

...and now even more fun

After putting the KAM+ into PORT HF before INT KISS, I actually saw a
packet from Kentucky surrounded by KISS-y binary goodness.  I thought
that perhaps was the ticket.

However, I seemed to be losing settings after powering off the TNC and
disconnecting it from 12VDC, so I replaced the CR2032 battery.  Best
of intentions.

Now, no matter what I do I can't get the HF port to transmit anymore.
This is a bug in aprx I'm almost certain, as the debug output is
showing me "kiss-encoded: c0 00 a8", and the center byte being 00
means "command on device 0" right?

Anyway, it's amazingly frustrating at the moment.

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