[aprssig] Need some help with 30m igate

Matthew Willis mattwillis at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 15:36:26 EDT 2012

I'm setting up my first 30 metre HF igate, and I could use some
assistance from folks working 30 metre APRS now.

I have been trying to use WA8LMF's spiffy "recently heard" map, but I
never seem to make it to him.

If anyone can hear N2PYI-3 on 30 metres, please let me know.

I heard WA8LMF-13's beacon when I was connected to the TNC with a
terminal emulator, but now that I've got the TNC in KISS mode, and
hooked to my digi/igate I'm not seeing any received packets.

My setup is:
- Kenwood TS-50 HF rig
- Kantronics KAM+ (v8.2) in KISS mode
- Linksys WRT54GL as digi/igate running aprx 2.04
- Purpose-built 24' vertical copper pipe antenna with galvanized fence

Thanks in advance for whatever help folks can provide, and feel free
to reply directly to me to keep the list traffic down.


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