[aprssig] TAPR Dayton Solar Talk

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Tue May 31 17:01:41 EDT 2011

 I keep hearing both these complaints and in 22 years off grid, and I haven't seen it.

I have CFLs that are 20 years old (back then they cost $30-35 a piece!) that still work. The newer ones that you can now buy for $1-2 each seem to last me 5+ years. I have 57 CFL bulbs in active use and in the last 5 years I have had exactly 2 fail and both were over 2 years old.

If yours are going in a month then you need to ask yourself "why?" 

Think about it ..... could they really keep selling these bulbs if they had that little life expectancy. They'd be out of business in a year or less.

HF SSB the only interference I have ever encountered was 10 years ago I had a Trace C-40 PV controller that in the afternoon when the battery bank was near full and it went into 'float' would raise holy hell on 10m and 15m

cheers ... 73 de n1bq

On May 28, 2011, at 4:36 PM, Earl Needham wrote:

> Forget the mercury in CFL's, what do they do to HF SSB?  They make a BIG racket here!
> And 10 years?  NO WAY!  They last MAYBE a month at MY house!

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