[aprssig] Wholehouse Surge protection?

Lee Mushel herbert3 at centurytel.net
Tue May 31 10:17:27 EDT 2011

I want to thank all of you who have contributed your thoughts and experience 
to this thread.   Absolutely fascinating reading.   I recently heard a 
presentation based on Rockwell-Collins work on the subject that was more 
directly related to ham radio and found that I had more or less accidentally 
done a lot of things right.  I live on a hill and, over the past 30 years, 
have had strikes as close as 20 feet from the house (that killed the tree) 
and yet, knock on wood, I've suffered no damage.   I don't know if that's 
because of the 100% metallic wiring (no romex here), perimeter grounding, 
whole house surge protector or just plain dumb luck!


Lee  K9WRU
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> Think about how and why we use ferrite beads.
> You do OT want the extra inductance added by the conductor through a 
> metallic tube (choke).
> This will impede the HF pulse of the lightning event and reduce or negate 
> the effectiveness of the suppressor.
> You can ground the two boxes, just not with a choke.
> 73
> Glenn

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