[aprssig] TAPR Dayton Solar Talk

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat May 28 16:29:41 EDT 2011

>> If someone is really wanting to cut their carbon footprint...

> Yes, rich people like you and me and almost everybody 
> on this list can do whatever we want, but does it matter? 
> Much of CO2 comes from burning coal mines in Russia and 
> China etc....

Huh? missinformation.  The USA consumes TEN TIMES the energy as china, and European(EU 27) consumes another 5 times.  And most of the USA energy comes form burning coal.  So blaming it on the Chinese is completely obfuscating the issue.

> BTW. have you ever noticed that the compact PL's are
> made of hazardous substances, and most cheap brands 
> have very poor efficiency in the power supply section?

More missleading info.  The amount of mercury in a CFL is about equal to the amount of Mercury released into the environment from buring coal to power a home with incandescents per year.  But the CFL lasts 10 years!  And every place that sells them accepts them back for re-cycling.

"Very poor efficiency" is a meaningless subjecive term.  Yes the power supply in a CFL is only converting about 20% of the electricity to light, but that is 400% better than an incandescent wihch only produces 5% light at best!  Hence the 4-to-1 savings from using CFL's.

>I vote for moving this thread somewhere else.

Agree!  Come join the other hams on the SolarDIY at yahoogroups.com


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