[aprssig] APRN news from Dayton!

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed May 25 16:35:56 EDT 2011

> subcarriers. The Robot modes use a PHASE-shifted audio sub-carrier for
> the color information in a manner somewhat analogous to NTSC. On HF,

It's sending sub-sampled chrominance data, so yeah, it doesn't have the 
same color reproduction quality as Scotty.

> However, when I get ready to send actual live photos, I always use the
> Scottie or Martin modes. Or PD160 for "HD" full 640x480 VGA pictures.

What do you use for PD160 decoding?  I didn't see that on MMSSTV or MixW.

> Someone else in this thread brought up the issue that the caption at the
> top of the frame needs to be reloaded after every transmission. Is this
> true if you leave the unit powered up between transmissions? What about

It stays across transmissions, but it's in RAM so it's lost when the 
unit is powered off.  I'm considering trying out an overlay mode, where 
you could shoot a picture and store it in a memory, then overlay it 
(with a certain luminance threshold) over your live data for an ID.

> Finally, is the lens on the unit removable? Can you substitute various
> focal-length lenses of the type used on small security cameras? (I'm
> referring here to various-value fixed focal-length lenses, not zooms.)

Yes, there are at least 3 lenses available for it, but I only have the 
one right now.  I measured the FOV at 60 degrees.


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