[aprssig] APRN news from Dayton!

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed May 25 13:45:04 EDT 2011

>> Since the normal SSTV transmission is 30-90 seconds...
> At highway speeds, that's a mile and a half of travel, 
> ... gonna make it hard to use FRS power levels any way.

Both places I was envisioning are at the top of a hill and a bridge. Both
good visibility and radio range.  Also, in that kind of traffic, can't do 60
MPH anyway.  Even the quickest SSTV picture will let me see if the road is
clear or backed up before I pass the decision point.

BY THE WAY!  Scott just informed me that the $120 price for the SSTVcams on
his web page is outdated.  He was selling them at $80 at Dayton and says he
will be dropping the $120 price on his web page when he gets around to it
(He didn't say to what...).

Bob, Wb4APR

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