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According to that website I would generate about $100 per year at my current 
energy cost, so I would only save $100 off my years worth of power 
consumption.  Or in other words my bill goes from $130 a month times 12 
months equals $1560 down to $1460...  Not much...

I would have to install at LEAST 10kW in solar to make it worth my while 
according to that PV solar website.  Then I could save just a smidge over 
$1000 a year on power.  However, the 10kW install would run about $20,000.00 
installed.  OUCH.. Which again means it takes about 20 years for it to pay 
for itself.

Right now the cost of solar is too high, it’s a good idea, and I would love 
to be self sufficient, but until the cost comes down to an attainable amount 
for the masses its merely a dream at best.  The average cost of solar is 
around $2 per Watt for a self installed grid tie system, if you have it 
professionally installed your talking the area of $5-$6 per Watt.  One local 
business installed 20kW of solar, costing them about $50,000 for the 
install.  Of course tax rebates help, but their end bill was still about 
$35,000 for the installation.  At that rate it will still take them about 15 
years to see a return on their investment.

I found I can install a kW and get a refund of about $500 on my taxes, not 
great but better than nothing, however in the end it still takes me about 15 
years to see a return also.  Eventually this may turn around, if energy 
costs go up the solar becomes more economical, however for me at $.07 per 
kWh its not that cost effective yet.  I live amongst a few hundred or more 
wind generators here in SW MN, we are becoming the wind capital of the 

Ok, enough on the solar, back on topic, we now return you to your regularly 
scheduled programming...



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One point nobody has touched on. What is the VALUE realized by having the
solar system in place for electricity you do NOT consume from the commercial
utility. That should also be a factor in how quickly you recover the costs
of installation/purchase!

73 de Jim, KU0G

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