[aprssig] TAPR Dayton Solar Talk

John Langtry ve3nec at sympatico.ca
Sun May 22 21:42:35 EDT 2011


This is a fascinating topic. I'd love to try something with either
Photovoltaic cells
on my roof and all the other gear, or perhaps start small with a solar
collector to
preheat my household hot water system. (Is there another list somewhere
we should be posting this ?)

Query, is there an electrical "one way" valve for the electricity. It's all
well and
fine to feed power back into the grid, when the system is up. What happens
commercial hydro fails ? I don't want anything that I have to power back
down the
hydro lines and hurt a hydro worker ! There must be something.

We do have such devices for our water supply, for some of my friends are on
own wells, and only using municipal water when their wells run dry. There is
a manual
valve which prevent "back flow" into the municipal water supply. Surely
something must exist for electrical power - hopefully, automatic.

How well P.V. cells would work in S. Ontario is anybody's guess. Anyone with
experience ?

vy 73 de John VE3NEC

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