[aprssig] Field Day Protocol

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 16 23:30:10 EDT 2011

> I'd like to use APRS messages for field day this year. 
> I'm betting sending messages to CQ would probably 
> cause a bunch of full message boxes and shouldn't be done.  

au contraire

That's what APRS does on FD.  Put up an RF station, and send out a CQ message bulletin.  THen sit back and watch all those unmanned home stations, internet only and one-way trackers do nothing.

I've been doing FD on APRS  for 18 years in one of the most highly dense APRS networks in the country.  The dozen or so of us that actually get on the air from the field on APRS (out of the 300 on the screen) have a good time, but it gets kinda lonely.

So we needed a way to call CQ beyond our local RF area to find some real live humans to play with.  Several years ago we came up with the idea of the CQSRVR that can not only call global cQs for FD but also any other event or radio group.

Pete Lovell wrote CQSRVR that fills this bill nicely.  Just send a message to CQSRVR beginning with the words CQ FD and your exchange and it will go everywhere in the country to every other station that has also sent a similar CQ FD message.

Then the dilligent operator who watches all message traffic will have no problmem seeing callsigns on RF of groups all over the country to which he can send one-on-one FD exchanges.

Please see www.aprs.org/cqsrvr.html

See y ou there!


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