[aprssig] Anyone in Las Vegas - LightSquared Test To Begin Monday

Julian, G4ILO julian.g4ilo at gmail.com
Mon May 16 17:14:58 EDT 2011

"Radio is really nice, but we still know how to write, we can still
post a letter. OK it's a bit slower, but the information will still
get through." What a strange attitude. Is this progress?

Julian, G4ILO
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On 16 May 2011 17:49, Mike Miller <mike.kc9doa at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> "GPS is really nice, but we´ve got a backup," said Las Vegas
> Fire & Rescue spokesman Tim Szymanski. "We might be a little bit
> inconvenienced, but we´re not going to lose anything on the
> call."
> Fire trucks and police cars are hooked with GPS units to help
> officers respond to distress calls, but it´s really just an
> added level of insurance that´s mostly for convenience,
> officials said.
> "All of our officers know how to read a map," said Metro Police
> spokesman Bill Cassell. "They know how to look up an address,
> find that address on a map, and then drive to it ... and we even
> still know how to triangulate off of mountaintops and give
> aircraft cardinal bearings to help land search-and-rescue
> mission flights."
> Mike kc9doa

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