[aprssig] Win7 APRS Pgm?

KBØNLY kb0nly at mchsi.com
Sun May 15 12:32:21 EDT 2011

The problem I had with APRSIS and still have with it, is that it won’t handle my weather data from Weather Display like UI-View does, it seems to slowly drift off and stop receiving packets, I don’t know why but it works for a while then just slowly dies, but I can close it and open UI-View and the TNC is still sending in KISS to the computer just fine.  Ok on the igate stuff, too complicated, I set up the igate on UI-View with a few mouse clicks.

Oh and UI-View is FREE, the addon map server is FREE, and the maps are FREE.  I don’t know why everyone seems to think it costs money.  All you need is the PA7RHM map server, works great, zoom in and out, pan around, does it all.

Another comment on AGWTracker... $49 for something that is bloated.  That’s another problem, want to do this, oh download another file, want to do that, download another file.  I had to download a half dozen different things and it never did igate correctly and the weather data always dissapeared.

I run UI-View 24/7 on a Win 7 computer that is dedicated to it and a ton of other functions.  One computer does my weather station, igate, digi, two scanner feeds to radioreference, weather webcam to weatherunderground and my website, and echolink to my repeater for linking with other area repeaters.  Gets rebooted once a week on Sunday for updates and other than that it just hums along.  

When I tried AGW it would randomly lock up, too much memory use.



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On 5/15/2011 11:58 AM, KBØNLY wrote: 
  Because these up to date actively supported programs don’t do what UI-View does.  I have APRSIS32 installed on one computer here, its neat to look at, but that’s about it.  The mapping sucks, looks blurry and doesn’t have the detail the map server in UI-View pulls down from the internet

The latest version of APRSISCE/32 supports additional tile servers,  so if you don't like the default of OpenStreetMap.org, you can set up your own.  But I suspect you just didn't know to hit right arrow to darken up the maps.  APRSISCE/32 focuses on the stations, not the map, so it run a 50% transparency in the default install.  Left arrow makes it even more transparent (faded) and right arrow makes the maps darker.  See also http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/tile-sets

  plus it has no support for digi and igate functions that I can find.

APRSISCE/32 performs IGate functions from RF to -IS automatically when you create an RF Port.  It also defaults to gating messages from -IS to RF for recently heard local stations.   The next major body of work will be bringing filtered additional -IS to RF IGating with tunable rate limits to avoid saturating the channel when the packet rates change on the APRS-IS.

Digipeating has been support for a long time now, but it currently requires editing the XML configuration file to enable it.  The next major body of work will be enhancing this by adding more friendly configuration dialogs as well as making the digipeater configuration port-specific.  Cross-Port repeating is also planned in the upcoming changes.  See also http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/digipeating

If you haven't looked at it recently, or aren't running the current version (as easy as bringing up the About box), give it another try.  And if you post your comments to the APRSISCE group, your desires will be used to guide future development as well.  See also: http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/start

Oh, and did I mention it's free?  And the maps are free too.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32


  Scott KBØNLY

  From: Julian, G4ILO 
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  Why not use an up to date, actively supported APRS program on your new Windows OS?

  See APRSIS32 being installed on Windows 7 here: http://youtu.be/o0A_ZyMkY9M?hd=1

  Julian, G4ILO
  G4ILO's Shack: www.g4ilo.com

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