[aprssig] WEDJAT Nearing Online status

John Gorkos jgorkos at gmail.com
Fri May 6 17:35:29 EDT 2011

I'm in the final hours of getting the APRS->SMS message notifications online.  
The project is called WEDJAT (after the Egyptian All-Seeing-Eye that can be 
found on the top of the pyramid on the back of a US$1).  Unfortunately, 
wedjat.* domain names have all been taken, so I'm hunting around for something 
people can remember and isn't too long.  aprs-wedjat.net?  wedjat-sms.org?
Anyone have any ideas?  If you don't know about wedjat, and don't want to 
search the list archives, it's a APRS-IS monitor that allows you to enter 
station ID's you're interested in, zones around points of interest, 
notification addresses to receive SMS messages or emails, and rules to tie it 
all together (i.e. I have a tracker in my wife's van, and I want to know when 
she's about to arrive home, so I can look busy.  I set up a rule to monitor 
AB0OO-9 and tell me whenever it enters a circle 900 meters in radius around my 
house, and send an SMS message to my cell phone).

Anyway, the web site should be active this weekend, assuming I can find a name 
I like and I finish the registration and lost password pages.  Any suggestions?

John Gorkos

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