[aprssig] Blutooth GPS under LINUX

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Thu May 5 01:39:30 EDT 2011

Hi Dan,

I think those devices have another way to do the pairing, via the 
charging dock or some other pre-configuration done at the factory.  How 
else does your keyboard know to connect to the thingy plugged into your 
Tracker, instead of your cell phone, GPS, or some device in the back 
pocket of the guy walking by?

So, I think we're using different definitions of "pairing".  You are 
referring only to the full handshake with passwords and such, and I'm 
including the pre-defined or paired-by-docking activities in mine.  I 
think (hope!) that either way, transfers are protected.

Greg  KO6TH

Dan Smith wrote:
>> I thought Bluetooth always requires pairing to work. Part of the
>> security system so that only devices you want and allow to talk to each
>> other will do so.
> Nope, I use simple devices without pairing.  The little mini bluetooth 
> keyboard I use with my APRS tracker is just connected each time with 
> hidd -- no pairing required.  I believe the pairing provides mutual 
> authentication and encryption, something that you want for most 
> things, but it doesn't seem to be required.

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