[aprssig] KPC3+ induced errors

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sun Mar 27 16:59:42 EDT 2011

Is it a genuine delay?

Are packets lost ?

Is it a flow control issue ?

Does the test setup use no flow control ?

- Andrew -

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> At 02:54 PM 3/15/2011, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>>The problem appears after several hours or day running in KISS mode 
>>and shows up as RECEIVED packets being held for long periods (up to 
>>several minutes at
> This is an important note and anyone reporting the problem to 
> Kantronics should be sure to stress that it is a delay of the 
> received packets. I'd thought from following the messages that it was 
> on the transmit side. (I don't generally run KISS so I haven't seen 
> it other than on the trying to diagnose remotely.)
> Just a thought, but can any of the stations that are managing to 
> reproduce the problem capture RX audio? (perhaps with a digital 
> recorder) If someone can capture a stream of audio that reproduces 
> the problem it would be much easier for Kantronics to fix the 
> problem. (and harder to deny it exists)
> Bill 
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