[aprssig] packet delays through internet

Max Harper kg4pid at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 26 09:37:08 EDT 2011

I received an email from Kantronics wanting more information on the delay problem. The two
pieces of information needed are.
1.What is the exact firmware version (or versions) inside the KPC-3 Plus, that seem to be having a problem. Issue the TNC command called VERSION.
One of mine is "KPC3PMX-F7FC05160-9.1", I have to find my other one but it may be the same as they were purchased within a few months of each other.
2. The other question is whether or not the program I am using on the computer (for Kiss mode) is activating the computer serial port RTS line output to the modem or not.
In Ui-View32 when Host Mode is "KISS" the drop-down menu is grayed out. I'll have to check
my cable to see if any handshaking line are connected. It was suggested that only TXD, RXD, and signal ground be connected as a test. It was also suggested that if the handshaking lines were connected that a serial port monitor be used to verify RTS output activity even though the software shouldn't be using it. As far as I know Kiss mode doesn't support any type of flow control.
While I have their attention it would be nice to give them as much info as possible so maybe we can get this fixed. Please, either send your information to me 'kg4pid at yahoo dot com' and I will forward it on, or send it to 'service at kantronics dot com' Attn Ken.
Thanks, Max


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