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Contrary go Guido's assertion, below,  there have been quite a few  
deaths from panic in the US, particularly from fire.

Simply look up "Copacabana Fire" and you will see what happens. For  
that matter, check out Orson Well's "War of the Worlds" radio show in  
1938. That was a panic over a mere radio play; it is NOT clear that  
there were any deaths attributed.

Now, clearly, these were NOT the same a a radiation panic. But, the  
"War of the Worlds" shows just how susceptible people are, and I do  
not think they have changed much in the last 50+ years.

Jim Wagner
Tangent, Or

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> On Thu, 2011-03-24 at 05:03 +0000, jjesson at voyager.net wrote:
>> Here is another good reason to own a geiger counter and not sure  
>> what happened since 2008:
>> http://dwarmstr.blogspot.com/2008/01/new-york-wants-to-ban-geiger-counters.html
> Yes, panic is the only side-effect of having such a monitoring  
> network.
> But panic has never killed anyone, panic is something which usually  
> can
> only saves lives.
> If the driver in front of you suddenly brakes, you get panic and you
> also brake suddenly and perhaps an accident is prevented. Without  
> panic,
> perhaps that situation would result in an accident.
> Or at least this is my opinion...
> In case of an anomalous situation it is always better to cross-check
> with authorities (or at least with other sources). In any case, where
> possible a disclaimer should be printed out (e.g. station's website,
> perhaps APRS comment field and so on).
> I suppose it's a very similar situation to CWOP/NWS. There isn't a  
> paid
> staff behind CWOP and everything is done as a best effort. But this
> doesn't necessarily mean that CWOP could not turn out to be useful.
> 73,
> Guido IZ6RDB
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