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 Here is another good reason to own a geiger counter and not sure what happened since 2008:


73, Joe J. KC2VGL

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  Electronics Goldmine has Geiger counter kits on sale for $75, with 
tubes only in the 25-45 range.. the plus of the kit is the circuit has a 
led that flashes with each pulse so would be easy to tap for other 


On 3/24/2011 12:12 AM, Scott Miller wrote:
> On 3/23/2011 9:07 AM, Julian, G4ILO wrote:
>> A lot of domestic hand-held radiation monitors such as are
>> manufactured in Ukraine have only an LCD readout. They are much
>> cheaper than the ones with computer interface. Is there any way that
>> they could be used? Could the system accommodate manually entered
>> readings?
> At the very least you can count pulses coming from the tube.  That 
> much of the design is common to any Geiger counter.
> I really wish I'd gotten around to making a kit of the counter I built 
> a few years ago, but even if I had I'd have sold out about 12 hours 
> into the crisis.  I've been getting inquiries non-stop since then.
> At some point I should be able to put out a sub-$100 counter as an 
> add-on to the ADS-WS1, and maybe a standalone device with USB output 
> too.  The limiting factor is the GM tubes, which I last saw quoted at 
> about $45 each in quantities of 100.  Smaller, less sensitive tubes 
> can be found for less.  Maybe I'll have to look to the Ukraine for 
> cheaper detectors.
> Scott
> N1VG
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