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The cheapest Geiger counter is a simple neon lamp biased just below the
gas breakdown threshold so any applied radiation with ionize the

73, Joe Jesson, KC2VGL

> Of course,
every geiger counter kit is now sold out.
> But is
there a cheap alternative?
> All we need is a large set
of parallel plates and a means to detect a
> passing particle
causing a momentary change in conduction.  Crazy thought
> here,
but would a large capacitor work?  It has the large surface area and
> ionizing radiation would surely cause a momentary pulse..

> OH.. shucks.  But then what you have is the other 99.9999999%
of the
> parallel plates acting like a HUGE filter capacitor
ACROSS the output...
> thus completely swamping the pulse. 
Sheesh... nevermind.
> The Geiger tube has very low
capacitance.  Hence very easy to detect.
> Maybe just
for grins one could try the physically largest (High voltage)
> lowest value capacitor they have in their junkbox, biased,
and hooked to a
> high gain audio amp?
> Bob, Wb4APR
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> On 03/22/2011 10:31 PM, Pentti
Gronlund wrote:
>> Bob Bruninga writes:
>>> How
about this for Radiation Telemetry:
Using Tapio's idea (below) of 2 digits of precision and one digit of
> decade.
>> Actually this idea was mine. Tapio
did most of the work in putting
>> it all together in readable
> Benjamin is right, it was his idea on IRC and I
basically just wrote it
> out. So I should've used the wording
"We are suggesting..." and
> enumerated the
"we" part.  Anyway neither of us is wants any royalties
> on it, so go ahead and use it if you like :-)
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