[aprssig] packet delays through internet

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Mon Mar 21 08:22:59 EDT 2011

By definition, KISS mode should not use any flow control (most TNCs do not accept flow control in KISS mode) and clients should not allow it to be set when communicating in KISS mode (yes, UI-View is not in development so it cannot be changed and UI-View also permits command/monitor mode interaction with the TNC, both of which present potential issues for configuration and operational mistakes).

Yes, the KPC 3+ fails regardless of flow control settings on both the host PC and the KPC 3+.  As far as quantitatively assessing if the delay expands over time, I will leave that to those that have done the quantitative tests.


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> From: Heikki Hannikainen
> Sent: Monday, March 21, 2011 12:20 AM
> Jumping back to the KPC-3+ ...
> Could someone confirm that this cannot affect the KPC-3+ problems? Could
> it go to Xoff mode (not transmitting to the host) for a while, and when the
> buffer finally fills up, start transmitting again from the other end of the
> buffer?
> Or does the KPC-3+ delay grow gradually over time? Alan?

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