[aprssig] Clarification of APRS weather station data flow.

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Mar 16 23:29:36 EDT 2011

The ADS-WS1 is also finally back in stock.  Or it was - we need more 
base units built now, and that won't happen until next week.  We got 500 
of the outside sensor assemblies in on Monday, and between back orders 
and new orders this week we're down about 180 units already.  It's been 
a busy week.

Also, unsurprisingly, there's been a big surge of interest in Geiger 
counter interfacing.  Bob, can we get a standard for sending ionizing 
radiation levels in weather reports?


On 3/16/2011 3:22 PM, Eric Hansen wrote:
> NWS Cleveland. My callsign is KC8IUR.
> The weather station I will be using is the Argent Data. I chose it due
> to low price to features included. To get barometric pressure
> or humidity values from other companies, you've got to spend a LOT more.
> Right now, i'm planning on transmitting RF through a HTX-202 into an
> Arrow Antennas GP 146 1/4 wave ground plane mounted inside an attic. The
> weather box will need to be mounted under the eaves and the wind/rain
> assembly is going to take the place of, and take over the mast of, an
> old SD DTV dish on the ridge line. I will run the AD weather station and
> HTX-202 off a gel-cell power source, 13.8v nominal. Charging will either
> be accomplished by solar power at a later date, or a simple power supply
> connected in series for the time being. I will run a data cable from the
> AD weather station to a mac mini. I will be able to configure the device
> and get weather telemetry back through the same cable. The mac is
> connected via copper gig ethernet to the network equipment downstairs.
> The internet connection is ADSL and everything in the closet runs off a
> UPS. Other than the mac itself, everything has battery power.
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 4:30 PM, <djhuff at rockwellcollins.com
> <mailto:djhuff at rockwellcollins.com>> wrote:
>     Eric,
>     Where are you, and which NWS are you served by?  Not all NWS
>     stations are setup the same way. Some are IS only, some use RF only,
>     and some have no APRS at all.
>     Some NWS offices only use Citizen Weather Observer Program,
>     <http://www.wxqa.com/>
>     and others use weather from independent sources.
>     I have also been to NWS offices that ONLY had APRS weather via RF,
>     they explained it was problem of getting non-government approved
>     apps thru the firewall.
>     More detail or a callsign would be good.
>     Dave
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>     I am setting up a weather station sometime this spring, and i'd like
>     a little clarification on how the data from APRS weather stations
>     gets to the NWS. In a home based situation, wouldn't it be more
>     efficient to have the weather station upload data directly to the
>     server the NWS is pulling from? Does the NWS have an APRS receiver
>     program in any cities? Otherwise, it seems like you could keep
>     reliability high by putting all your networking equipment on a UPS
>     and submitting your data over the internet.
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