[aprssig] Clarification of APRS weather station data flow.

clayj at nwlink.com clayj at nwlink.com
Tue Mar 15 18:04:21 EDT 2011

Eric - the NWS actually has very little direct involvement in APRS WX. 
They pull data from the APRS_IS data streams as "just another source".

You can take a look at the Citizen Weather Observer site
(http://www.wxqa.com/) for a bunch of good information


> I am setting up a weather station sometime this spring, and i'd like a
> little clarification on how the data from APRS weather stations gets to
> the
> NWS. In a home based situation, wouldn't it be more efficient to have the
> weather station upload data directly to the server the NWS is pulling
> from? Does the NWS have an APRS receiver program in any cities? Otherwise,
> it seems like you could keep reliability high by putting all your
> networking
> equipment on a UPS and submitting your data over the internet.
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