[aprssig] Cross Band Repeat on TM-D700A double as digi?

Richard Amirault ramirault at verizon.net
Mon Mar 14 10:13:45 EDT 2011

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From: "Stephen H. Smith"
> The real problems is this mode are that:
> 1)  Data isn't being regenerated by a TNC.  As long as the incoming data 
> is full-quieting, it will go out OK, but if the path is marginal on the 
> input side, you will be retransmitting a noisy signal on the output, just 
> like a voice repeater with a user in a fringe area.
> 2)  If the 144.39 side has a lot of traffic, your mobile digi will be 
> RXing 2m-TXing UHF almost constantly. You may have trouble getting enough 
> quiet time to transmit the other way.

AND .. there is the problem of transmitting a LEGAL ID by your D700.  When 
used as a "one way" cross band repeater (listening on 440 and transmitting 
on 2 meters) your you can ID 'normally' with your HT and it will be 
transmitted by your D700 .. BUT .. when used in a "two-way" mode there is no 
way for you to ID when your radio receives 2 meter from the digi (or 
repeater) and transmits on 440. That 440 transmission will not have a legal 

Richard Amirault
Boston, MA, USA

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