[aprssig] Cross Band Repeat on TM-D700A double as digi?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Mar 14 08:58:36 EDT 2011

> Note that you have to access the D700 with a terminal 
> program running on a computer... to set the digipeater 
> options that don't appear in the radio's setup menus, 
> such as the digipeat alias of "TEMP1-1".

Actually, the goal is for ALL D700's everywhere to support the full TEMPn-N
multi-hop addressing (not just 1-1).  So the proper command for that is

That way, in an emergency, someone can get out through a string of D700's or
other emergency or mobile digipeaters.  This way, someone really needing it
can use TEMP3-3 for example and your car will be part of the emergency chain

Please see www.aprs.org/TEMPn-N.html


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