[aprssig] Can we use satellite digipeater for power outage region?

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I would say that you more than qualify.


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Hi, My name is toyo (JG2RZF).

As you know, pacific side of some of North-East region (JA7) of Japan
is still power outage
bacause power transmission line had damaged.
So, it caused no IP reachability and no cell phone service because of
battery shotage.
And we cannot see the APRS mobile in this area because of no IGATE activity.
For example, we cannot see the trace of Wakayama Red Cross (JA3FRI-12) now.

So I think if the satellite digipeater digipeat 144.64 Bell202 signal,
we can trace their signals.
Can we use satellite digi for this purpose?

Of course, this frequency is used by many station in Japan.
Do you have any idea?
FUJIURA Toyonori mailto:toyokun at gmail.com

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