[aprssig] FTM-350 cables

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Mar 11 18:54:04 EST 2011

> How about a 6-pin mini-DIN to three or four 3.5mm stereo miniplugs? This
> would allow an instant "soundcard interface" by connecting the TX and RX
> audio lines of the mini-din DATA/PACKET jack on many radios to
> corresponding LINE-IN and LINE-OUT jacks on a computer sound card The

That's not a bad idea.  I could use that for things besides packet, too. 
  Maybe with both a male and female for the mic audio, so it could be 
used easily as a line-in for your radio.

It'd probably still require some mold modification where all of the 
cables join, but when I've had that done in the past it hasn't been 
terribly expensive.


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