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Hawkins, John W. JWHawkins at mccormicktaylor.com
Mon Mar 7 12:34:50 EST 2011

I've had decent luck with a GPS receiver, I got mine from
http://www.semsons.com/datalogger.html I went with a bluetooth / miniUSB
connectable GPS receiver/logger.  The "push to record waypoint" is a
nice feature as well, if you have use for that.  Mine is the iBlue 747a,
and it works pretty well.  Software is a little wonky but you can export
to .xml, .kml, and other file formats.  The software allows you to set
the recording interval and other settings.

Rechargeable (via the mini-USB) Li-Ion battery inside, and at least 8-10
hours of battery life when using as a bluetooth GPS receiver.

Size is about half the size of my smartphone, I'm looking at a bottle of
white-out on my desk which is about the size of the unit, or you might
compare it to the old-school alphanumeric pagers of the pre-cell phone

Here's another hint, Semsons has an outlet section of their website for
customer returns or demo units, I got my I-Blue 747a for $42, I think it


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I have a need to record NMEA data for an application

What is around that is small ?

Plane use

- Andrew - 

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