[aprssig] APRS & Field Day

Kriss A Kliegle kliegle at myfairpoint.net
Thu Jun 30 10:22:15 EDT 2011

Here's my efforts w/messaging to/from our FD site...

Since the APRS setup (APRSDos) was immediately next to the GOTA station, I sent a few texts from home to 
improve their operation and advise our sattellite operator which coax was what.

2011-06-25 16:17:36 UTC: K1R>K1KWP-4: Greetings!
2011-06-25 16:18:19 UTC: K1R>CQSERVR: CQ FD
2011-06-25 16:19:57 UTC: K1KWP-4>K1R: 73!
2011-06-25 16:20:30 UTC: K1R>K1KWP-4: drive safe! lol
2011-06-25 23:35:01 UTC: KA1GJU>K1R: Dave, the disconnected coax goes to the Hustler 2M
2011-06-25 23:35:28 UTC: KA1GJU>K1R: The APRS rig is connected to the 2M/440 Diamond.
2011-06-25 23:36:33 UTC: KA1GJU>K1R: The Rig and TNC need a power supply, will bring one in AM
2011-06-25 23:37:19 UTC: KA1GJU>K1R: hit K to erase these MSGs from screen...
2011-06-26 01:14:20 UTC: KA1GJU>K1R: Somebody PLEASE adjust the VOX on the GOTA station.. more DELAY!
2011-06-26 01:59:44 UTC: KA1GJU>K1R: Somebody PLEASE adjust the VOX on the GOTA station.. more DELAY!
2011-06-26 16:21:22 UTC: K1R>VA2RP-9: Greetings from FD 2011...

Since we have no internet on our FD site, I couldn't remember the exact way to call other FD sites, other than by callsign.
What I would like to see is some updated info on "How to use APRS at Field Day".... which I Googled and came up with the following:

http://wa8lmf.net/bruninga/aprs.html  Only three years old...  it get's better...

http://www.usna.edu/Users/aero/bruninga/aprs/fd2006.html  Only five years old!

http://www.aprs.org/fd2005.html   Only six years old!

http://www.eham.net/articles/5877   Only eight years old!

How about some 'new' info, preferably under ONE website?

Jus thinking outloud... ok flame retardant suit on!  

Kriss  KA1GJU-X   X=INT(9)

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