[aprssig] Duplicates evident on aprs.fi

Rob VK6UFO at multiline.com.au
Mon Jun 27 05:28:36 EDT 2011

On 27/06/11 08:47, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
> APRSISCE/32 doesn't remove trailing spaces.  It's more likely the TNC 
> that is stripping them before delivering them to the client.
> What IGate is it and what other IGates are in the area?  And do you 
> know what TNCs are in use at the one that preserves and the one that 
> strips the spaces?
Thanks for the reply Lynn.
Packets that are going directly to the igate are affected (ie the 
trailing spaces are removed)
I confirmed today that my mobile tracker was definitely sending the 
trailing space. Fixed for now this end to cut the unnecessary traffic. 
(applied a full stop as a comment)
The igate removing the space is VK6EX-1. Other igates in the general 
area are VK6HGR-1 and VK6RX-1. The last two were passing on the space.
I'll attempt to find out what TNCs are in use. I'm pretty sure EX-1 was 
using a KPC-9612 as a digipeater/igate before the digi was closed down.


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