[aprssig] Duplicates evident on aprs.fi

Rob VK6UFO at multiline.com.au
Sun Jun 26 18:07:59 EDT 2011

On 26/06/11 19:25, Heikki Hannikainen wrote:
> I looked up the packets on aprs.fi. The packets have been modified by 
> a digipeater or an igate, either by adding or by removing a space 
> character in the end of the packet. Since the packet contents differ, 
> they're not treated as duplicates by the APRS-IS, and they're not 
> filtered.

Yes, that seems to be the answer. The packets in question all have 
trailing spaces until they pass through one igate where the spaces 
disappear. I believe the spaces are part of the OT reporting temp and 
voltage in the comment so removing it would require turning off the 
reporting or adding something extra to the comment. As far as I can 
tell, the igate in question is using APRSISCE win32 (APWW08)


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