[aprssig] ISS on FD?

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 13:24:23 EDT 2011

Hi Bob,

Yeah, Keps for the ISS have been really short lived recently. I updated 
mine on Friday, and I think again yesterday, and by last night when I 
updated them again, things moved out another 20 minutes. I think someone 
forgot to turn off one of their thrusters...

I tuned in for their 6pm (local PDT) pass, and heard nothing on 145.800 
nor 145.825. I stayed up last night to catch the 12:40am pass, and again 
nothing (though I only stayed around for the first half of the pass). 
Nothing has been posted on David's OSCAR database related to hearing the 
crew either.

Their next pass here is after Field Day closes, so I'll have to look 
forward to next year. But I did make contacts on AO-51, AO-7, and FO-29, 
and a partial on AO-27 to Hawaii, so it still was a good day.

Greg KO6TH

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> I got APRS satellite packets via ISS but not while I was looking.
> My KEPS were 2.5 days old and I heard nothing during my "predicted" passes,
> though looking at the APRS radio later, I did see RS0ISS and 3 other
> stations.  Maybe they re-boosted.
> I did think I heard voices from that radio once or twice but assumed it was
> QRM from nearby public 2-way radios (I was surrounded by the Race Across
> America Bike tour people who all had VHF radios of some kind or other).  Now
> I realize it might have been an astronaut on ISS?  But since it didn't match
> my prediction, I wasn't paying attention.
> Bob, WB4APR
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