[aprssig] Visual Basic Serial Input?

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 21 21:09:18 EDT 2011

--- vk6ufo wrote:
> > Does anyone have a VB routine that just sits there and runs the serial
> > port for input and captures strings when they come in?  
> > Event driven by the strings?
> >
> > I have a student ...he can't figure out how to just let it run 
> > all the time taking care of its own timeouts and only returning 
> > data when it has it.

  The Excel spreadsheets I developed for Radio CAT control use a Serial I/O module that was quite well written and documented (I didn't write it). 

  While this is VBA, I think the process should transfer.  

  It has procedures that I don't use that may allow him to do what he wants.  I did my own polling for characters, not an event, but some of the other procedures do status checking and the like.
The module (commModule) uses api calls into system32.  The procedures are also well documented on the MSDN developer site if more detail is needed.

My code is what it is, though Not being formally schooled in software or VB(A) I had little difficulty using the module.

On my Amateur Radio Page: It is in any of the spreadsheets on my site (The TH-F6A version is the most sophisticated).  I may have added some harmless debugging aids, but the commModules are all the same.

You go into the Excel Developer menu then Visual Basic. Then Crtl+R to open the Module list.

If you don't have Excel, I can simply send the module text if you like.

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