[aprssig] Visual Basic Serial Input?

Boyd Prestwood K5YKG k5ykg at arrl.net
Tue Jun 21 19:46:21 EDT 2011

Bob, would this be Visual Basic 6.0 or Visual Basic.Net (2005, 2008, 2010)?
I have a routine for VB6 but not .Net (it makes a difference!)
Boyd K5YKG

On 6/21/2011 2:56 PM, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> Does anyone have a VB routine that just sits there and runs the serial port
> for input and captures strings when they come in?  Event driven by the
> strings?
> I have a student working on a telemetry input routine and he can't figure
> out how to just let it run all the time taking care of its own timeouts and
> only returning data when it has it.
> Thanks
> Bob
> WB4aPR
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