[aprssig] Android HUD Development

Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
Fri Jun 10 00:36:36 EDT 2011

Tiger is going to limit you to the US only. Open Street maps will give you a
non-us centric format that might give a wider audience. As with all shape
files you will have to spend a great deal of time on cartography work to
make them look as good as the commercial maps do. Personally I hate doing
the cartography work, it's tedious and to do it right you really have to do
some work on the raw tiger files to do things like smooth the lines and
removing unwanted data layers. The upside though is that you can store them
locally, they are vector based and the file sizes are much smaller compared
to tile formats. The big disadvantage to shape file formats is the lack of
support for formatting. You have to use data in the tables to thematically
format the files for display. While this can and has been done in other
programs, it can also be a pain if the file formats change.


This is why the tile formats from the commercial sources have become so
popular. You can take advantage of all the hard work in cartography done by
others. With open street maps there should be some sort of application that
can do a lot of this cartography work for you. Tiger files have nothing like
this that I am aware of.


Thank You,

Brian N2KGC


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Curt, yr comment "... OpenStreetMaps in Shapefile format should work nicely.
We use that format in Xastir for offline maps, ..." caught my attention.

I'm the project ldr on Tickets CAD, and there's interest in our converting
to non-Google maps.  (The ER folks need local/server storage for the
tiles/files, while those turned off by the TOU do not.)

I'm aware of the TIGER shapefiles; wd that be  yr recommended source?

Thanks for any brain--picking on this.


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