[aprssig] Android HUD Development

Rud Merriam k5rud at arrl.net
Wed Jun 8 15:37:14 EDT 2011


What exactly do you mean by "good tactical messaging"? Some examples 
would be useful.

I think what you are asking for in this is my original concept about 
creating a HUD using a phone. My phone is a 'slider' so has a physical 
keyboard which would make messaging fairly easy. Another thought is that 
some of the older phones might be reused as just HUDs with the cell 
phone capability ignored. (That may take rooting the device to get 
around the activation requirements.)

My thoughts are trending toward a very modular approach which allows you 
to pick and choose the parts of APRS you want to work with. Only those 
parts would be installed.

I'm saving my pennies to get an Android tablet. I do think they will 
make a nice APRS platform.

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On 6/7/2011 7:58 AM, Tim N9PUZ wrote:
> I may be in the minority here but I would like to see an application 
> that works with a radio that is focused on good tactical messaging.
> I don't need a new feature added every week. I don't want something 
> that isn't actively developed. I don't care if it can be an iGate. I 
> don't care if the application talks directly to the Internet or the 
> APRS servers. I'd like to be able to load all the maps I want ahead of 
> time just by specifying a State and County.
> It'd be nice to have a series of messages logged to a file so you had 
> a "paper trail" of what transpired that was easily parse-able (XML?)
> Personally I think a tablet or laptop/netbook version would be much 
> more useful than a smart phone version unless I can plug my TNC/radio 
> into the smart phone.
> Tim N9PUZ

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