[aprssig] Android HUD Development

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Thu Jun 9 03:48:09 EDT 2011

Hey Rud,

* Rud Merriam <mocoares.ec at gmail.com> [2011-06-08 08:43]:
> I am thinking of working on an Android based APRS HUD. Originally it
> will be for phones but later be put on tablets. I know there are a
> couple of other Android APRS's.

Have you had a look at the other apps? Maybe there is no need in
reinventing the wheel, after all? ;-)

> I think a focus on messaging HUD is a different approach. I haven't
> myself seen any HUDs or displays on APRS capable radios so am asking
> for advice and suggestions. My approach is to keep it simple and
> functional.
> I have looked at Bob's web page about messaging and HUD.

I have implemented the APRSdroid Hub view after reading Bobs design
documents: http://aprsdroid.org/shots/hub.png

Maybe it is already going into a direction interesting for you. Is it
missing some important information (besides of the the station icons)?

APRSdroid is Open Source written in Scala. You can easily fork the
project on github <https://github.com/ge0rg/aprsdroid> and start playing
around if you don't want to begin from scratch.

If you have questions regarding the code, feel free to ask me off-list
or join #aprsdroid on the freenode IRC network.

A map display is already integrated and functional as well... ;-)

If you still want to start from scratch, you should at least use the
APRS parsing code from http://sourceforge.net/projects/avrs/ created by
Matti, OH2MQK and John, AB0OO.

73 from Germany,

Georg DO1GL
APRSdroid - Open Source APRS Position reporting and Mapping on Android
http://aprsdroid.org/m ++ https://market.android.com/details?id=org.aprsdroid.app
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