[aprssig] Android HUD Development

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Jun 8 14:16:01 EDT 2011

On 6/6/2011 3:17 PM, Rud Merriam wrote:
> I am thinking of working on an Android based APRS HUD. Originally it
> will be for phones but later be put on tablets. I know there are a

I just got a Droid X2, so I've been thinking about what I could do with 
it for APRS.  I'm going to work on adding Bluetooth support to the 
Tracker2, but it looks like it's going to be relatively expensive and 
possibly a little clunky with the pairing and such, not to mention the 
power consumption.

But a hack I saw online the other day gave me an idea - they were 
feeding data into a Droid phone with a simple electromagnet coil, using 
the phone's magnetometer to read it.  Seems like that might be a cheap 
and easy way to build a cradle for an Android-based HUD to receive data 
from a TNC.


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