[aprssig] Shack backup power

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jun 5 13:49:06 EDT 2011

> And I will make my other point again.   It is very easy 
> for someone to assume that if he has a solar panel and 
> a grid tie converter he has something that will supply 
> power when the commercial system fails.   

Yes, grid-tie solar is all about the economics to the homeowner of renewable
energy production which is now CHEAPER than buying it from the coal plant.
But it is part of the grid which is what makes it so economical.  One still
has the issue of what to do with a power outage the 0.5% of the time, and
that can be met with many other cheaper alternatives... including a
transfer-switch so you can still use your solar panels and all their KW of
energy during an outage.

> It is a bit hard for me to understand how that will happen 
> if the grid tie converter is part of the solar panel.   

Good point.  That is another reason that Like briging all the solar panel DC
down to the basement and having the grid-inverter there, so if I ever needed
it, I couild use the raw solar DC output in other ways..

> As I said, it seems to me that people are
> being a bit too aggressively "green."

Ah, but it takes some aggression to move forward and to bring change to old



Lee  K9WRU
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